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"All shipment information now in one place. Sorted by shipment."

They have been using for just a few months, but ANPRO is already excited. This is mainly due to the most significant and noticeable change in their workflow that the platform provides: all shipment information is now in one place, including communication with stakeholders.

Name Hernán Cortés Process Manager at ANPRO
Location Peru
  • Before

    • Fragmented information flows with different stakeholders
    • Management has little insight into daily operations
  • After

    • One central place for all communication with stakeholders, sorted by shipment
    • Shipment documents centrally stored in the cloud, accessible to all stakeholders

All shipment information centralized thanks to

"Having all information about our shipments in one place, centralized and therefore organized, is something that was and is important to us. With, all shipment information is indeed organized in one place. And sorted by shipment.

Additionally, the platform helps us with communication with everyone involved in a shipment: the customer, our logistics service providers... You reach everyone in that one place. And for us as management, the platform is also convenient to work with: we have all shipment information and our team's performance continuously visible."

Why ANPRO chose

"One of the owners of ANPRO came across during a trip to Europe and found it immediately interesting. So we delved into it and concluded that this platform was well suited to address our challenges: we wanted a central place where you can track your shipments and have all shipment information easily accessible at a glance. There are other document management systems on the market, but those systems are more generic. In other words, those systems are not tailored to our specific shipment challenges. is.

The demo we received from provided a clear picture of how the platform would look like in our workplace. Therefore, we knew in advance exactly what benefits the platform would offer us, and we decided to go for it."

"Only a few sessions were needed to get the platform up and running and fully customized for our use."

— Hernán Cortés

What made the difference? User-friendliness

"What convinced me to work with was the user-friendliness of the platform. That applies to daily use, but also to how we implemented the platform.

First, we were asked how we wanted to use, and based on our preferences, the platform was configured. In the end, only a few sessions were needed to get the platform up and running and fully customized for our use. The implementation process was, therefore, very simple and smooth.

Another decisive factor for us was that is cloud-based. That means it is always accessible, no matter where you work, and you don't need to implement a system before you can start working."

Always quick response from

"We have been using the platform for a few months now and are in the process of giving our customers access to the platform as well. This way, they can also use the platform and see the same up-to-date information about our shipments that we see.

So far, we have been using to our full satisfaction; we haven't encountered any problems. If we ever have a question, we can always turn to and receive a quick response. All in all, I would definitely recommend the platform to industry peers. It is an easy-to-use platform that delivers on its promises. For us, it is undoubtedly a clear value addition."

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