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Finally Clarity in Incoming Shipments

Arco Terlouw from Olivet has already recommended to a relative in the import business. "The fact that all your suppliers can easily upload their documents in one place is very convenient. And besides, we now have a sharp understanding 24/7 of the status of our incoming shipments with just a few clicks."

Name Arco Terlouw Import and Sustainability Certification Employee at Olivet
Location The Netherlands
  • Before

    • Manually checking all ETAs periodically
    • A printed file for each shipment on the desk
    • Various individual emails with shipping documents from suppliers
    • Constant back-and-forth emailing with supply chain partners about current shipping information
    • (Too) little overview of incoming shipments
  • After

    • Automatically and continuously all current ETAs at a glance
    • All shipping files are digital, saving a lot of paper
    • Suppliers upload their own documents in one place accessible to everyone
    • Supply chain partners see exactly all the current information we do
    • Precise clarity on when each shipment arrives and if the documentation is complete

“The main advantage? Overview” 

"Olivet has been trading in vegetable oils since 1903, and nowadays we focus on raw materials for biodiesel. Over the years, we have increased our imports. This led to the need for one platform where we could see at a glance what is en route to us, the ETA, and whether the documentation is complete. 

In short: we wanted an overview. And that was the main reason to approach" 

Paper? Not Here Anymore. 

"Before we switched to in 2022, we tracked ETAs in an Excel sheet. This meant that we had to manually check and update all ETAs periodically. And the shipping documentation consisted of separate folders lying on our desks, with all cargo documentation printed. 

Now that we use, it saves a lot of paper. And because everything is digital and in one place, it's much easier to keep a finger on the pulse and we immediately notice if a document is missing or an ETA changes." 

"The lines with are short, they are open to feedback and they think along in solutions."

— Arco Terlouw

Seamless Communication & Collaboration

"When we found, we were immediately convinced that this was what we wanted: all documentation in one place, always sharp on your current ETAs, and much less paper on our desk.  

The great thing is that using the platform is not only ideal for us but also for our suppliers: they see all the info we do and they easily upload their shipping documents in their own portal. This has made our communication and collaboration with our suppliers and other supply chain partners much more efficient and clear." 

Even More Seamless Communication & Collaboration

"The communication and collaboration with are also pleasant. The lines are short, they are open to feedback, and they think along in solutions. 

To tailor the platform to our use, we created a checklist with, covering all steps of our logistics process and our wishes. This checklist then guided the custom implementation, perfectly tailored to our company. This allowed us to get started with the platform quickly. 

All in all, I am so satisfied with that I have already recommended the platform to a relative. is a great platform if you want to create an overview in your stream of shipments and also make your communication with your supply chain partners efficient."

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