The problems we tackle

Importing, exporting and cross trading is a complex administrative process. Keeping track of your shipments & collecting shipping documents manually is a time costly activity and keeping oversight is often hard. Man-made errors are thus easily made, costing you money and time you can’t afford to spill.

Recognize the following struggles in your company?

  1. Having a complicated relationship with the e-mailbox you use for receiving and sending shipment documents?
  2. How time consuming it is to answer questions from colleagues and partners about shipments, endlessly calling and mailing back and forth?
  3. Visiting reefer websites to track your containers and then manually processing ETD and ETA changes in extended Excel sheets or your systems?
  4. Using these same Excel sheets to keep overview of shipment administration and references?

Triggered? Then we are there just for you!

Our solution

Introducing A cloud based platform on which you can manage and track your shipments, and collaborate with all stakeholders in your supply chain. 

We are independent from any freight forwarder, shipping line or other third-party logistics service provider. In this way we guarantee full flexibility for you as an importer, exporter or cross-trader to work with whomever you want on your shipments. We are your ally in free trade!

Total control

  • All your shipments managed from a clear dashboard.
  • Documents, reference numbers and communication saved per shipment.
  • Configurable workflow checklists to manage your shipments.

Track and Trace

  • Automated tracking of containers and bulk shipments with worldwide coverage.
  • Automated alerts in case of ETD and/ or ETA changes.

Cloud based

  • Platform running on a global network of servers.
  • Your data backed up in the cloud.
  • Reporting and analysis possible through data export, done with one click.

Chain Integration

  • Synchronize systems: Connect via our API. Share data, automate manual tasks and eliminate double entries.
  • Portals for all supply chain stakeholders: Share and receive documents, reference numbers and messages on shipment level with all parties involved.

Our solutions effects

Your are ready for growth! Spending less time on logistic processes means more capacity for making deals.

You cut in costs! Less resources spent per shipment means lower costs per shipment.

You eliminate errors! Using a structured workflow-tool means eliminating man-made mistakes.

You offer a better service! Automated track & trace alerts means responding faster to changing situations.


Milan de Niet & Beatie Visser

Milan de Niet & Beatie Visser

InnoFruit - Cederberg Farm (RSA)

With the first season behind us we can say that we are very happy we started to work with We have total grip on our shipments and related documents. It's costing us a fraction of the time it did before we worked with the platform. It puts us in the position to inform our customers in a much better way which resulted in the first compliments already. Another thing we highly value of is the ability to shape the processes based on our own wishes, and the ability to change it ourselves, whenever changes occur. 

"Therefore, day by day, we are improving the added value of the system."

Milan de Niet & Beatie Visser
Carlos Klein

Carlos Klein

Olympic Fruit

We’ve been working with for quite some time now and are very happy with it! The platform unburdens us in our document flow and the monitoring of container arrivals. We have been able to customize our own environment entirely according to our needs, in order to achieve the optimal result. 

"This makes that we would highly recommend"

Carlos Klein
Ilze Brand

Ilze Brand


Our organization started using a few months ago and it completely simplified our operations in terms of document sharing, process flow and communication. The container status shared on the portal is extremely helpful to improve our operations.  

"I would recommend to any organization that regards good service and communication as a priority."

Ilze Brand
Elvira Kuznetsova

Elvira Kuznetsova


I was one of the first to use Before knowing I had to keep track of everything myself and I often lost the overview. With the implementation of the platform, all my processes have become a lot clearer and it saves me a lot of work! 

"I am very satisfied with the use of and I recommend it to other organizations."

Elvira Kuznetsova

Our vision

Our vision is that intercontinental trading organizations can focus and excel on their core business and are not hampered down by the administrative burden of managing container shipments. 

We strive to achieve this by developing and offering them the right tool set with which they can organize their logistical back office processes.

The most applicable solution to achieve our vision is via our cloud based platform which is easy to use, offers al tools needed and is highly configurable to our customer's needs. 

We translate our vision in our motto:

"Together we make logistic processes and collaboration easier, one shipment at a time".

Will you join us? Don't hesitate to reach out! You can find our contact details below.