The product is a new innovative plug & play cloud-solution for every Importer, Exporter and cross-trading company. It is the efficient and sustainable way to manage all your logistical processes. You will have total control over all your logistic back-office activities with the configurable checklist for documents & arrival processes. Your suppliers and clients have access to their own environments, you can share documents and communicate with them, all within the portal. Decrease your overflowing mailbox significantly with our build in communication inbox, allocating all your communication directly to your containers. Keep track of your containers with our visual container Track & Trace system and receive vessel and container status events.
You and your partners will be in control of the cargo at all time.

Total control

  • Configurable process checklists
  • Active shipments
  • Arrived shipment
  • Data exports

Central storage

  • All documents in the cloud
  • Share documents with your logistic partners
  • Back-up in the cloud 

Communication platform

  • Communicate directly with your logistic partners
  • Decrease your e-mail traffic significantly!
  • Set documents ready in the partner environments

Track en Trace

  • Know the exact status of your container
  • Inform your partners in a proactive manner
  • Receive container alerts in case of delays

The solution

Sending or receiving containers from all over the world? This comes with a complicated logistical back-office process. New in the world of logistics is now: We make the logistical back office processes insightful. With our in-portal communication we solve the problem the problem of overflowing e-mail boxes. Set documents ready for your partner in their own environment. Never question about the status of your shipment with our integrated Track & Trace. Receive alerts and see the status of your shipment on our integrated timeline.

  • Insightful
  • Decreasing e-mail inbox
  • Sharing cloud stored documents
  • Integrated communication
  • Real time container status


Milan de Niet ~ Beatie Visser

Milan de Niet ~ Beatie Visser

InnoFruit ~ Cederberg Farm (RSA)

With the first season behind us we can say that we are very happy we started to work with We have total grip on our shipments and related documents. It's costing us a fraction of the time it did before we worked with It puts us in the position to inform our customers in a much better way which resulted in the first compliments already. Another thing we highly value of is the ability to shape the processes based on our own wishes, and the ability to change it ourselves, whenever changes occur. 

"Therefore, day by day, we are improving the added value of the system."

Milan de Niet ~ Beatie Visser
Carlos Klein

Carlos Klein

Olympic Fruit

We’ve been working with for quite some time now and are very happy with it! The platform unburdens us in our document flow and the monitoring of container arrivals. We have been able to customize our own environment entirely according to our needs, in order to achieve the optimal result. 

"This makes that we would highly recommend"

Carlos Klein
Ilze Brand

Ilze Brand


Our organization started using a few months ago and it completely simplified our operations in terms of document sharing, process flow and communication.  The container status shared on the portal is extremely helpful to improve our operations.  

"I would recommend to any organization that regards good service and communication as a priority."

Ilze Brand
Elvira Kuznetsova

Elvira Kuznetsova


I was one of the first to use Before knowing I had to keep track of everything myself and I often lost the overview. With the implementation of the platform, all my processes have become a lot clearer and it saves me a lot of work! 

"I am very satisfied with the use of and I recommend it to other organizations."

Elvira Kuznetsova

The vision and mission

Our vision is to create clear and simple processes with insightful container information, to make the logistical back office process overall more efficient.

"Together we make logistic processes easier, one container at a time "