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Your shipping administration has never been this stress-free

With these features on, you automate your back office and save a shipload of stress. And time. 

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  • Exclusively for Fruits & Vegetables

    Importing or exporting Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) is a specialized task. It requires insight, quick communication, anticipation, and fast action. We've got you: we created the platform initially as a solution for the cumbersome, often manual workflow of F&V importers. 

  • Always have your priorities clear

    You want to know exactly which shipments need your attention NOW. On this platform with adjustable deadlines and automatic notifications, you get just that: a to-do list for NOW. Ensuring all your shipments continually run smoothly. 

  • You remain independent

    As an importer or exporter, you don't want to depend on a shipping company or logistics service provider for your information supply, let alone their software. We don't either, so we designed this platform. No matter who you ship with, this platform serves you. 


Experience it for yourself: everything clear & up-to-date & under control

How does save you a shipload of stress and time? We'd love to show you. Request a free demo and tell us what your challenges are, and we'll tell you how we tackle those challenges.