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Free up 95% of your time from emails, messages, and calls about your shipments

All you need is to channel all your communication, both internal and external, through one platform. This translates into: Constant clarity. Constant serenity. Plus, a sea of saved time and energy to direct at what truly matters. 

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  • Your communications hub

    While standalone calls, emails, and messages function, they scatter your workflow, making it messy, error-prone, and stressful. Enter, the solution that brings you an organized overview of all your chats in one place, sorted by shipment. Now, overlooking anything seems like a mission impossible. 

  • Simple as email

    Are you comfortable with your email inbox? Perfect! You'll find the chat feature on just as easy. In short, it's as straightforward as email but offers 100% clarity. Our customers often wonder, "How did we manage all those calls and messages before?" 

  • No one left behind

    You and your supply chain partners have all your correspondences stored neatly on the platform, arranged by shipment. Get notified in real-time, no matter what occurs. Smart move: Activate notifications, and your messages are mirrored in your mailbox, making the probability of missing something exactly 0%. 

From disorder...

As a back-office worker in import or export, these frustrations may seem all too familiar: 

  • "I've said it countless times: maintain a uniform structure for email subjects. Otherwise, we'll lose track of shipment information."
  • "Argh! The consignee is asking for shipping documents. I'm positive I sent them, yet here I am, on a scavenger hunt. Oh, there it is. Forgot to attach the documents…"
  • "Drowning in a sea of messages daily, constantly emailing, and messaging, I fear missing critical updates. It's a recipe for restlessness and stress." tranquility

A chat function may seem simple. Because it is. But its impact on your workday is transformative: 

  • All your communication, organized by shipment, makes finding appointments and documents a breeze.
  • Missing documents? Spot them instantly, not after a frustrating dig through your inbox.
  • Critical updates demanding immediate action? They are now easy to identify, saving tons of time and reducing underlying stress..

Smooth sailing in your fruit and vegetable supply chain's back-office., designed for fruit and vegetable importers and exporters, is a platform that consolidates your entire back-office workflow. Leveraging smart automation, overlooking things like missing documents, messages from supply chain partners, or delayed shipments becomes almost impossible. 

  • Track & Trace

    A track & trace function keeping your containers on the water within sight 24/7. 

  • Centralized digital storage

    A centralized digital storage for your documents accessible to all your supply chain partners. A communication app allowing you to interact with all your supply chain partners at the shipment level. 

Experience it for yourself: everything clear & up-to-date & under control

How does save you a shipload of stress and time? We'd love to show you. Request a free demo and tell us what your challenges are, and we'll tell you how we tackle those challenges.