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Seamlessly organize all your documents before the ship makes berth

Gone are the days of shipments arriving with absent documentation. Through, every piece of shipping paperwork finds its home in a singular, neatly arranged online location. And guess what? Your logistics partners can access this paper haven with a single click. 

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  • Document forwarding - obsolete

    No more jumping from app to email to Drive, scrambling to distribute shipping documents to your supply chain partners. With, it's a thing of the past. You'll find all your documents neatly categorized on a single platform, with all your supply chain partners joining you there. 

  • A full set of documents - ticked off

    Missing shipping documents? Spot them in an instant. Plus, you have the power to set your own document deadlines. Link your operational system with, and voila, documents are automatically uploaded and shared. 

  • Secure and easy to find

    Your documents' safety is guaranteed, and you're in the driver's seat deciding which documents to share with which supply chain partners. All your documents reside in the cloud, sorted by shipment, making them impossible to lose. Say goodbye to misplaced mails, incorrectly stored documents, and forgotten attachments. 

From a document whirlwind...

Shipping documentation is a critical facet of your back-office operations, albeit often a time-intensive and chaotic one: 

  • "Where's that packing list? Was it in the email? But where exactly? I simply don't have time for this."
  • "Everyone hoards documents in their personal mailboxes. If someone falls ill, we're up a creek without a paddle."
  • "Containers frequently arrive sans documents. It's costly, a time drain, and adds stress."
  • "Documents flutter about via app, email, and Drive - it's a mess. It's surprising how things still manage to arrive correctly."
  • "It feels like we're forever chasing our own tails. We just can't keep up, the overview is missing." serene seas

Welcome to Document Management 2.0, where you hold the reins rather than always playing catch-up. Among the most significant advantages (and time savers!) of is its brilliant document management. A snippet from our customer testimonials: 

  • "Everything's in a logical spot, findable in a few seconds. The clarity has saved me an ocean of time."
  • "Since my colleagues have access to everything, we never lose anything. It's also convenient to cover for an absent colleague."
  • "Missing documents upon a ship's docking? If you manage that with this system, you need spectacles."
  • "All documents migrate to the cloud and stay there. Sometimes I marvel at the emptiness of my mailbox."
  • "I'm well-aware of which documents require my attention and in what sequence. My day is much better structured."

An independent all-in-one platform: it's achievable

Our founder, a fruit and vegetable importer, envisioned a comprehensive platform for shipment management, which existing logistic solutions couldn't provide. Undaunted, they created a revolutionary tool for personal use, ultimately evolving into, now accessible to all.

  • Accelerate your workflow

    Lower stress levels through a comprehensive overview of your operations.

  • Slash administrative and communication time

    Receive 95% (!) fewer emails and calls about shipments.

Experience it for yourself: everything clear & up-to-date & under control

How does save you a shipload of stress and time? We'd love to show you. Request a free demo and tell us what your challenges are, and we'll tell you how we tackle those challenges.