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Your logistics supply chain administration managed, but 3x faster

Yes, it's possible: an independent, all-in-one platform for your entire logistics administration. Overview. Insight. Always have your container shipments live in view. Proactively respond to changes. Direct contact with all your supply chain partners. Connectable with your systems.

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  • Exclusively for Fruits & Vegetables

    Importing or exporting Fruits & Vegetables (F&V) is a specialized task. It requires insight, quick communication, anticipation, and fast action. We've got you: we created the platform initially as a solution for the cumbersome, often manual workflow of F&V importers.

  • Always have your priorities clear

    You want to know exactly which shipments need your attention NOW. On this platform with adjustable deadlines and automatic notifications, you get just that: a to-do list for NOW. Ensuring all your shipments continually run smoothly.

  • You remain independent

    As an importer or exporter, you don't want to depend on a shipping company or logistics service provider for your information supply, let alone their software. We don't either, so we designed this platform. No matter who you ship with, this platform serves you.

Maritime supply chain? These are your struggles

Are you a Fresh Produce importer or exporter with a maritime supply chain? We can empathize with these struggles:

  • How much work it is to keep your shipment's administration up-to-date;
  • How dependent you are on the (often late) ETD and ETA updates from your supply chain partners;
  • How error-prone your manually updated Excel sheets are;
  • How much unnecessary and double communication with supply chain partners each shipment entails;
  • Importers: how costly it is when you have to buy product on the local market due to delays, at high prices;
  • Exporters: how long you have to wait for your money because you only find out about the ATA of your cargo days later.

And this is how it can be better

Your frustrations are our frustrations. Or rather: were our frustrations, because now we have And that means: 

  • Overview, and therefore an efficient and effective workflow. All your shipping info in one place. You immediately see which shipments need your attention NOW.
  • A system that takes work off your hands. Keeping your administration up-to-date comes down to completing checklists. Repetitive tasks are automated.
  • ETD and ETA updates without the hassle. Continuously manually logging updates is no longer necessary: you always have the current ETDs and ETAs in front of you.
  • Way less phone calls and emails. Your supply chain partners work with you on the platform and see exactly what you see. You receive email notifications when updates occur, so staying informed is automated.
  • Importers: better Informed then your competitors. Delayed vessel? You know about it first, and therefore quickly see if you need to block current stock or buy more product locally. And you might still pay a reasonable price…
  • Exporters: get cash in faster. You're the first to know that your container has arrived. So your send out that invoice today, not tomorrow or after the weekend.

Navigate your own course with

With, you remain independent.

  • Independent platform

    You're not tied to one logistics service provider or other 'big player' because you're using their software.

  • No linkage restrictions

    You opt for a platform that will never present integration or linkage restrictions, no matter which (competing) service providers you work with. 

'Simply working smoothly' starts here.

We seek not to revolutionize, but to streamline supply chains. provides transparency and immediate clarity. Seems simple? We built it. Schedule a tailored demo to learn how it accelerates your workflow.