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With Track & Trace, you'll see them coming from miles away.

Is your shipment delayed? You'll know it long before there's land in sight. The big advantage? You no longer react in hindsight, but anticipate. How much are you going to save with a proactive back office? 

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  • Don't hope, be in the know

    With, you know exactly where your containers are. Whether they've made to the targeted vessel, if they're delayed, when they're arriving. You have 24/7 coverage. Worldwide.

  • Save a shipload of time

    Searching shipping lines websites for info about your container? Supply chain partners constantly calling for an update? That's a thing of the past. This platform serves you and your customers 24/7 tracking updates.

  • Tracking the whole nine yards

    Live data from shipping lines and terminals in one place: that's We work with established data partners and have direct connections with important 'Fresh Produce ports'.

From miles to go...

Number 1 back-office annoyance of importers and exporters: the struggle you have to endure for relevant, up-to-date information about your shipments.  

  • "Well, we're 2 hours and 13 websites later, but now we DO know where all our shipments are."
  • "'News': 7 hours ago the vessel was on schedule. We'll check again in 17 hours!"
  • "Look, before the weekend our container missed the vessel. So our current supply & demand planning can go in the bin."

... to miles ahead

Imagine: you know exactly where each shipment is. Which vessel arrives earlier, which one is delayed. All info about your shipments, always up-to-date, in one overview. 

  • Is something different than planned? You know immediately, not only tomorrow morning.
  • 24/7 tracking = proactive action in case of vessel ETD/ ETA changes. Be first to have amended your supply & demand planning (and buy product locally for a reasonable price, before your competitors 'wake up').
  • The track & trace is also visible for your customers and supply chain partners. Your mailbox has never been so empty.

The Origin and Impact of

Born out of the fresh produce industry's frustrations, redefines your supply chain experience, streamlining operations and communication.

  • Filling the Void in the Logistics Sector

    Imagine a world where shipment information from disparate ports is synchronized on a single platform. Such a platform didn't exist until we built, a solution that respects your independence from large shipping companies and logistics service providers.

  • Beyond Tracking – A Complete Supply Chain Solution isn't just a tracking tool; it's your ticket to a more efficient workflow, smarter and faster communication, and an end to the chaos of lost shipping documents. The outcome? Unprecedented speed, accuracy, and ease in your work.

Experience it for yourself: everything clear & up-to-date & under control

How does save you a shipload of stress and time? We'd love to show you. Request a free demo and tell us what your challenges are, and we'll tell you how we tackle those challenges.