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Fresh Produce

Your supply chain back office as fresh as your produce

Importing and exporting fresh produce demands both speed and control. Freshness is paramount, especially when it's traveling the globe. To ensure your cargo arrives in the prime of its freshness, you need a supply chain back office that sails as smoothly as the most tranquil seas.

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These fresh produce companies work even more successfully with

Keep your eyes peeled on your containers 24/7

Keep a vigilant watch on your shipments round the clock with's track & trace feature. Your Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) are always updated and neatly organized in one place. 

  • Whether you have 5, 50, or 500 containers making waves: maintaining an overview is a breeze.
  • Configure notifications and get an automatic alert when an ETA deviates.

Invoice faster, get paid faster

Wish to bill as soon as your cargo hits the shore, or your documents get approved? With notifications, billing becomes a swift process, as you receive alerts when: 

  • Your cargo has departed or arrived, or it's been a specific number of days.
  • Your document set is complete.

In a few clicks, your data is clear & processed

You can bid adieu to your typing skills: no more manual transcription of shipment data. With, importing, exporting, and sharing data is as simple as 1-2-3. 

  • Integrate with your (ERP) system and watch your order creation turn automatic.
  • Import shipment data from a CSV file or Excel sheet to the platform within a few clicks.

All your communication in one place

  • A decluttered inbox

    Imagine a world where your inbox is not exploding with emails. That's exactly what offers. All your communication related to ETAs, shipping documents, and updates are sorted by shipping or container level and stored in the chat function in 

  • Sharing documents = zero clicks

    In no time, you can set up automatic sharing of shipping documents with your supply chain partners. What's more? Any changes to the ETAs are automatically updated for your partners, just as they are for you. This feature saves precious time and strengthens partnerships. 

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