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Hello, cultivators of nature's bounty! Multiply your productivity by three

Invoices flying out the door up to 2 days sooner. Documentation: Always on point, punctual. Overflowing inboxes: Now a 95% reduced whisper. Your floating troves of produce: tracked meticulously, tick by tick. With, your administrative hub becomes thrice as efficient. 

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Faster billing = faster payment

Is your payment period hinged on your cargo's arrival, or when your document set hits the completion mark? Fast-track those payments by establishing alerts. Send your invoices at light speed upon receiving a notification that: 

  • Your cargo has commenced its journey or reached its destination, or it's been X days since the event.
  • Your document set is complete.

Documentary clarity

Every shipment comes with a dedicated space for all necessary paperwork. Opt for integration with your system and automate the upload process from your system. Never again will you need to manually create, save, and send documents via email. Time saved in abundance. 

  • Outdated documents, a phenomenon of the past.
  • Vessels berthing with incomplete documentation? A near impossibility.

An oasis of inbox calm

Your inbox is a barren landscape, as you engage in container-level conversation with your supply chain allies online. Configure notifications for both you and your partners for document uploads and ETA updates. 

  • Seamlessly distribute uploaded documents amongst your supply chain partners.
  • No more rummaging through a cluttered inbox. Instead, get an immediate overview of your document status.

You're the star of the show

  • Plug-and-play & syncs with your system

    Within a day, your platform is up and running, and you're trained to navigate it. Keen to link it with your system? We make it a breeze. Cheers, your work tempo is now thrice as fast! 

  • Forge partnerships on your terms champions autonomy, ensuring you maintain yours. Your choice of shipping or logistics provider matters not: the platform is ever at your service and that of your partners. 

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